How is a Q&A video different from a Classic video?

Sometimes, instead of a single question, a series of questions can work beautifully to add that special touch. When you ask several questions, you often get more thoughtful answers.

Here's how our Q&A style works

You create a series of questions and people answer them by video, one at a time.

Here’s the technical magic: Even though people respond at different times, we interweave all the answers so the result is very cool!

For example, first you see Q1, then you see the answers from each person for that question.

Next you see Q2, and each person’s answer. And so on for all questions.

That’s tedious to do on your own in a video editor, even if you’re a pro. But it’s easy to do with’s Q&A style.

Here are just a few examples:

The Newlywed Game: Ask the Bride and Groom (or perhaps just the Groom) to answer a series of questions. The video can then be played at the Bachelorette party as a fun game. Here’s a link to one way that can work.

Off to college: Your son is off to college. Ask friends and family to answer, for example, three questions:

  • What was your own best experience at college?
  • What advice do you have for him?
  • Share your best wishes. OK to be sentimental.

Graduation: Your daughter just graduated from college. Your family and friends would like to congratulate her. Send everyone a Q&A style request for video answers to the following questions

  • What were your own feelings when you graduated?
  • What are your hopes for her, now that she’s entering the next stage of her life?
  • Time to congratulate her. It’s OK to be over-the-top!

A colleague’s retirement: Joe at work is retiring. You could all just say sayonara, and have some cupcakes … or you might ask everyone to answer a few fun questions by video

  • What did you think of Joe when you first met?
  • What is the coolest memory you have with Joe?
  • Who will play Joe in the movie of his life story?
  • How will you feel, now that Joe is gone?
  • What advice do you have for Joe on his retirement?
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