How Does a Q&A Video Work

TL:DR — Each person is sent a link with a series of questions. They respond by video, one question at a time, until complete. Everyone’s responses are later merged into a single video, automatically sorted by question.
Ideal for use as a game for Bridal showers and Bachelorettes (eg Newlywed Game), Baby showers, etc. Also can be used as a fun game at a birthday party (eg "How well do you know the birthday girl?") and many other creative uses.

Here’s how it works

  1. We walk you through creating a great-looking digital invitation. Takes about 2-3 minutes.
    1. Create your invitation page
    2. Use our default text or change it to suit your preferences
    3. Record a video request (optional) as part of your invitation. This makes it feel extra personal and significantly reduces your need to constantly remind people
    4. Add a picture or use our stock photo
  2. Select a question template from our library or create your own custom template
    • Choose questions from the template or add your own custom questions
  3. Send your friends and family the link to your digital invitation via email, text or any way you normally connect
  4. Your friends and family respond
    1. Each person records a series of answers to your questions
    2. Their videos immediately arrive in your app timeline, safe and sound
  5. In your timeline, each person’s answers are automatically separated and grouped after each question. So for example, you’ll have:
    1. Q1
      1. Friend 1
      2. Friend 2
      3. Friend 3
    2. Q2
      1. Friend 1
      2. Friend 2
      3. Friend 3
    3. etc
  6. Preview the video
    1. Drag and drop or delete clips as you wish. This is usually not necessary but you have complete flexibility
    2. Optionally add some extra creative touches, like text, GIFs, stickers, pictures, and music, using our easy-to-use tools
  7. Once you’re happy with the preview, process the video to get an HD, sharable version
    1. When the video’s ready, send the link to whoever you choose, or play it live at the party
    2. Optionally send the link to your friends who asked to receive it. We keep a list for you on your share page.

Enjoy it forever!

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